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Cocoo Craft Event and Productions is a fast-growing company in the event management and production industry. We have managed to explode into the industry with our adaptable team that can cope with client’s dynamic needs in this market. We have taken the competitive industry by storm with our distinctive and new advanced approaches that always exceed client’s expectations and manage to catch them off guard. We would also proudly say that we are specialists in visualization, and overseas productions, where we have completed numerous projects at the highest level, in countries such as Canada, UK, Georgia, Armenia, Jordan, Portugal, and many other countries.Our teams, sitting in London, Dubai,New Delhi, and Georgia have just ditched the geographical boundaries when it comes to client satisfaction.Our customers from different countries have described us as a comprehensive service company.The experiences with us have been labeled as top-notch and we take great pride in saying that is due to the emphasis we place on providing customers with the most exceptional service. Our subsidiary companies areMetro Talkies&Entertainment Hub, where the aim is the same: reshaping the industry with our ideas and helping others experience the magic that we manage to pull off.

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